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In addition to strawberries(June and September to frost) and red raspberries (July and September to frost) we provide:

  • Rhubarb May 5 - June 30 when available - prepicked only
  • Black Raspberries - mid July to mid August
  • Cherries July 1 - July 15 when available - prepicked only
  • Home made jam

We try to get along with "Mother Nature" but the picking seasons may vary depending on the weather. Hot weather will cause an earlier but shorter season and will increase supply. Cold weather will cause a later start and longer season. Picking can usually resume shortly after a rain, and because most fields are mulched, muddy ground is seldom a problem.

Picking your own fruits can be a fun family outing. Supervised children of all ages are welcome, so come on out and bring the whole family! We suggest you phone ahead for picking conditions.

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How to Care for Products

  • Refrigerate and process all products as soon as possible


  1. Berries are highly perishable, so handle them gently.
  2. Protect all fruit from direct sunlight. Keep them cool. If possible, do not put berries in your trunk.
  3. Wash berries when you are ready to use them.
  4. Strawberry hulls should not be removed until after washing and ready to use.

How to Use Products

Rhubarb - sauce, jam, pie and other baked goods, freezing
Berries - desserts, jam, smoothies, freeze with or without sugar for use all year
Cherries - pies and other baked goods, jam or jelly, freeze for winter use

How to Freeze:


  1. Wash hull and slice strawberries
  2. Gently wash raspberries
  3. Sweeten to taste
  4. Stir, and let stand until sugar dissolves
  5. Put in containers and freeze
  6. Berries may be frozen while without sugar on a cookie sheet and then put in containers


  1. Wash and pit cherries
  2. Sugar to taste
  3. Put in containers and freeze


  1. Wash and cut up
  2. Put in containers and freeze


Available year round by the facecord or by the piece to keep you warm all winter or for summer campfires. Our firewood is clean and dry - guaranteed to burn. Call to place an order for delivery (free locally) or to arrange your pick up.


John enjoys spending his winter months in his woodshop. He enjoys creating wood art, furniture, bowls, and most anything you can imagine as well refinishing and repairing furniture.

Products include bean bag games, doll and full-size furniture, bowls, cutting boards, custom projects. We also do furniture refinishing and repair.


here are some recipes you may enjoy.

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